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The Agency for Clinical Innovation has developed a new website.

We’re keen to get your feedback, so we have set up a test or Beta site at:


About the new ACI website:

  • The design of the new ACI website has been based on feedback from different types of users.
  • They want a faster and more efficient way to find and use information.
  • One in 10 users access the site through a mobile phone or tablet. A proportion that is increasing rapidly.
  • Our new website will make looking for and using ACI resources much simpler and more intuitive.
  • The ACI website receives an average of 50,000 page views each month.
  • Better search functionality.
  • The new ACI website is responsive, resizing and reshaping content to fit the device used to browse it.

Driving improvements

Driving improvements
in the way care is provided
to NSW patients

Our models of care set the standard for high
quality care across the NSW health system.

Promoting Innovation

Supporting Local Health
Districts to promote innovation
in patient care

Our clinical networks harness the expertise of clinicians
and managers who work in the health system.

Giving Consumers a say

Giving consumers a say in
how services are provided

Our models of care are developed in partnership
with patients, carers and consumer organisations.

Using evidence

Using evidence to inform
best quality health care

Our models of care are based on
the latest research and expert opinion.

Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations (ARCHI)

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