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Vocational Intervention Program

The Vocational Intervention Program (VIP) is a specialised employment services for people with traumatic brain injury in NSW; delivered by vocational rehabilitation providers in partnership with the NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program (BIRP) teams.

The pathways

  • Fast Track – early intervention pathway for people with opportunity to return to their pre-injury employer.
  • New Track – alternate employment pathway for people seeking re-training and job seeking assistance to obtain new work.

Key elements of the VIP

  • Local service partnerships between BIRP and vocational rehabilitation provider teams, to create referral channels, sharing of information and effective case coordination.
  • Acquired brain injury specific resources (such as service protocols, assessment tools, report and formats, etc.) which contributed to the development of expertise.
  • A client-centred and flexible approach to service delivery.
  • Opportunities for knowledge sharing across health, rehabilitation, disability and injury management agencies.

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Philippa McRae
Project Manager

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Directorate

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