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Spinal Seating Professional Development

Spinal Seating Professional Development Program

The ACI State Spinal Cord Injury Service education website for seating and wheeled mobility has been established to assist health professionals gain knowledge, confidence and understanding in the practice of seating and wheeled mobility prescription. The site's audience is health professional graduates and students working with people who have acquired a spinal cord injury or similar neurological condition.

This education resource has been established as a component of the Spinal Seating Professional Development Program. Other components of the program include developing a broader network of health professionals and rehabilitation engineers who assess and prescribe seating and wheel mobility, improving competency, developing specialist education sessions and standardisation within the network’s specialist seating and wheeled mobility services.

The network’s Seating Service provides practical workshops to gain experiential skills and the modules of this site are part of the workshop pre-reading. It is strongly recommended that health professionals participate in hands on workshops lead by clinical experts as an adjunct to didactic and theory based learning.

The ACI State Spinal Cord Injury Service hopes this site is informative and inspires health professionals to continue to network and consult with clients and colleagues, and to gain further knowledge in this interesting and complex area of clinical practice.


We would like to acknowledge the following people and organisations for their professional contributions to the development of this website:

  • Charisse Turnbull
  • David Andrews
  • Adrian Byak
  • Pamela Reeves
  • Emma Friesen
  • The Spinal Cord Injury Network Seating Working Party
  • Independent Rehabilitation Supplier Association
  • University of New South Wales
  • The Queensland Spinal Cord Injury Service
  • Enable NSW

We would also like to thank our national and international colleagues for their invaluable comments and advice about the website.

Commercial Endorsement

Within the study modules on this site commercial product names are used. This does not imply any endorsement, support for the products or commercial gain by the ACI, the State Spinal Cord Injury Service, NSW Ministry of Health or the State of New South Wales.