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About the Radiology Network

The Radiology Network works to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of radiology services for NSW patients and to facilitate collaboration and networking among radiology departments and their referrers across metropolitan and rural NSW. The Network develops evidence-based resources such as courses, quarterly presentation evenings, learning packages, factsheets and safety checklists to assist this goal.

Our People

Barry Soans

Barry Soans, Co-Chair

Phillip McConnell

Gloria Olivier, Co-Chair

The ACI Radiology Network is led by an executive committee, which includes heads of radiology, regional and special interest radiologists, medical imaging nurses, radiographers, health managers and members of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.


The ACI Radiology Network has a statewide responsibility that includes rural and metropolitan NSW.

There has been an exponential growth in the scope of procedures performed in medical imaging in the past few years to include minimally invasive surgery and techniques that are at the cutting edge of technology. The complexity of procedures performed and the acuity of patients has also increased.

The network is building on the work of its forerunner, the Greater Metropolitan Radiology Services Network (GMRSN) which was formed by the Greater Metropolitan Transition Taskforce in 2003 to examine issues affecting radiology services in public hospitals across greater metropolitan Sydney.

Radiology Network


Caroline Kovacic
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Gastroenterology Network Manager