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Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) has established the Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement (PEACE) team within the Clinical Program Design and Implementation Portfolio to promote meaningful engagement and consumer-led redesign of healthcare at the ACI.

The PEACE team supports the ACI’s Networks, Taskforces and Institues to capture consumer input and harness direct patient, carer and staff experience to inform ACI activities with the goal of translating this information into transformational change across the health system.

Patient experience and consumer engagement are crucial to developing person-centred care and ensuring that we have a complete perspective of how our health systems and processes are working and interacting. This in turn provides valuable insight into what we can do to design, plan and evaluate improved and innovative healthcare systems.

PEACE Framework Cover

Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement:
A Framework for Action

Understand, Act, Empower

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Patient Experience

Patient and carer perceptions of the healthcare journey comprise the “Patient Experience”. Research from the Picket Institute (1993) says patients and carers value:

  • Access to Care
  • Respect for Patient values, preferences, and expressed needs
  • Coordination and integration of care
  • Information and education
  • Transition and continuity
  • Physical comfort
  • Emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety
  • Involvement of family and friends

Patient Experience resources

The Patient Experience Symposium

The Patient Experience Symposium is an annual event held to celebrate Patient Experience Week. The Symposium is jointly hosted by by the Clinical Excellence Commission ( CEC ) and the Agency for Clinical Innovation ( ACI ) in partnership with the Bureau of Health Information ( BHI ), Cancer Institute NSW ( CINSW ), NSW Nursing and Midwifery Office ( NaMO ), Health Infrastructure, Health Education and Training Institute and the Office of Kids and Families.

Consumer Engagement

The ACI has supported consumer participation since its inception, offering consumers a seat at the table alongside clinicians in its networks. There are currently over 70 consumers directly involved in the ACI ’s activities; who include patients, carers and representatives of non-government organisations in NSW. The PEACE team is responsible for building the capacity and network of consumers involved in the ACI and strengthening their contribution across all of our activities. The PEACE team also supports the ACI Consumer Council, which is the representative body for ACI consumers and advises the Board on consumer engagement strategies.

What we do

The key responsibilities of the PEACE team are to:

  • Inform the ACI ’s strategic direction in regards to consumer engagement including by supporting the ACI Consumer Council.
  • Promote cultural change to value consumer input and leadership in healthcare redesign.
  • Provide information, advice, resources and tools to embed patient experience and consumer engagement in all of the ACI ’s products and activities including in new models of care.
  • Build the capacity of consumers to meaningfully engage with the ACI and contribute to our activities.

The PEACE team provides ACI Networks, Institutes and Taskforces and the broader health system with information, advice, resources and tools to promote patient experience and consumer engagement. These include:

  • PEACE Framework
  • Real Time Feedback devices
  • Patient Experience Videos
  • Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Codesign

Our Consumer Council

The ACI Consumer Council is the ACI ’s representative body for consumers and advises the Board on consumer engagement strategies.

View details of ACI's Consumer Council

Strengthening Consumer Engagement at the ACI

The ACI has undertaken a significant consultation process with key stakeholders to understand how we engage consumers and how we can best work together to strengthen this engagement.

In order to ensure that we received feedback from all key ACI stakeholders, the ACI partnered with the Australian Institute of Health Innovation to review the literature around strategies for engaging consumers and to run focus groups and other consultative processes such as online surveys and structured interviews.

Stakeholders who provided feedback during this consultation processes included:

  • ACI consumer members
  • Representatives of health health and disability-related non-government organisations working with the ACI , its networks, taskforces and/or institutes.
  • ACI staff members
  • Co-Chairs of networks, taskforces and institutes.
  • Clinicians from ACI networks, taskforces and institutes.

What you told us

Literature Review:

Staff and Consumer Feedback Report:


Tara Dimopoulos-Bick
Manager, Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement
Phone: 9464 4684