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About the Paediatric Network

The Paediatric Network working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for young people across NSW. The Network provides guidance to the NSW Health system on standardisation of paediatric care, establishing new models of care, and running forums to bring clinicians and consumers together. Whilst also work of the Children’s Healthcare Network and relevant committees, and collaboration across the Metropolitan (MP4) Network and Regional Paediatrics NSW.

Our People

Dr Matthew O’Meara, Co-Chair
Chief Paediatrician
Ministry of Health


The Paediatric Network was formed in 2017 when the ACI undertook responsibilities within the Children’s Healthcare Network as an important component of the transition of the former NSW Kids and Families to the NSW Ministry of Health.

The Paediatric Network encompasses the Children’s Healthcare Network. The Children's Healthcare Network (CHN) supports paediatric clinicians to provide high-quality healthcare across NSW. The vision and goal of CHN is that all children, regardless of where they live, will have access to high-quality healthcare, as close to home as possible.

CHN is divided into three regions - Northern, Western and Southern. Each region has a convenor and a coordinator. They are supported by the CHN Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultants, who are employed by local health districts. The CHN Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultants provide clinical expertise, support and education to health professionals employed within their districts.

The Ministry of Health will continue to:

  • Lead strategy, policy and monitoring for paediatric healthcare
  • Allocation of the paediatric funding portfolio, including current Children’s Healthcare Network staff and identified projects