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About the Nuclear Medicine Network

The Nuclear Medicine Network provides expert advice on this highly specialised branch of Medical Imaging to the NSW Ministry of Health and Local Health Districts. Cardiac, bone and thyroid scans are some of the traditional examinations requested by referrers to Nuclear Medicine. With advancements in technology and molecular tracers, targeted radionuclide therapies for certain cancers and Position Emission Tomography imaging using Fluorodeoxyglucose are becoming more commonplace.

Our People

Barry Ellison

Barry Elison, Co-Chair
Director, Nuclear Medicine
Wollongong Hospital
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey, Co-Chair
Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine
Royal North Shore Hospital
Northern Sydney Local Health District

The ACI Nuclear Medicine Network includes heads of nuclear medicine departments, radiopharmaceutical scientists, physicists, chief technologists and a representative of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine (ANZSNM). 

There are established links between the Network and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine, and the Australian and New Zealand Association of Nuclear Medicine.


  • To provide expert advice on medical imaging services to the NSW Ministry of Health and local health districts.
  • To provide advice on the appropriate provision of radionuclide therapies in the NSW health system.
  • To provide expert advice on a radiopharmaceutical scientists’ proposal to the NSW Ministry of Health to assist recruitment and retention of highly skilled professionals.
  • To conduct a pilot to film uncommon nuclear medicine therapies and procedures to support best practice by nuclear medicine technologists and university students.


  • Radionuclide Therapies in NSW Brief developed for NSW Health to raise awareness about best-practice care for cancer patients.
  • Collaboration agreement with the Cancer Institute NSW to improve knowledge, advice and services for NSW cancer patients.
  • Uncommon therapies and procedures matrix developed across Nuclear Medicine Departments to assist those where these procedures are less common.


The ACI Nuclear Medicine Network is continuing the work of the Nuclear Medicine Committee, which was formed by the Greater Metropolitan Transition Taskforce, a predecessor of the ACI, in 2002. 

The network is focused on improving clinical practice and delivering better patient outcomes through knowledge management strategies aimed at clinicians, continued deployment of state of the art equipment and techniques and better networking and communication.

Nuclear Medicine Network


Elvis Maio
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Gastroenterology Network Manager