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About the Mental Health Network

The Mental Health Network aims to work collaboratively with clinicians, managers, consumers and carers from community and primary health care setting, hospitals, community managed organisations, key organisations and other related key partners in the development and implementation of evidence-based innovative programs, frameworks and models of care to promote collaboration, innovation and quality improvement through improved consumer engagement and outcomes in health service delivery to promote an integrated health system. The ACI offers the Network support and expertise in service redesign and evaluation, specialist advice on healthcare innovation, initiatives including clinical guidelines and models of care, implementation support, knowledge sharing and continuous capability building.

Key messages:

  • The Network is a platform for the priorities of clinicians in partnership with consumers and managers to affect change and improve health service delivery and outcomes at a State-wide level through the development of evidence based clinical guidelines and models of care
  • All decision making around the priorities and project work of the Network will be determined by its members through the Network Executive Committee
  • The Network will have a very collaborative approach to its work by engaging with a wide range of service providers and stakeholders
  • The Network is committed to have consumers involved in all aspects of its work including the leadership through the appointment of a consumer co-chair
  • The Network will have access to the ACI redesign, implementation, economics, data, consumer engagement and outcomes and evaluation teams to ensure the effective implementation and evaluation of its work
  • The Network has only one employee and is limited in its capacity to complete projects and all members of the Network are volunteers and are predominantly employed in substantive roles outside of their role with the ACI
  • The Network will focus on delivering high quality products that meet the needs of NSW Health system and its consumers and their carers
  • The Network is committed to provide support for the implementation of its products through the ACI
  • In the future, the Network will be looking for opportunities to do combined work with other clinical networks as determined by both respective Networks

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Mental Health Network Executive Committee Terms of Reference