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Update - Version 2, June 2016

We have listened, and based on direct feedback from clinicians, further development and enhancements of the NSW Trauma App has been implemented. In version 2 we have:

  • Improved the Adult and Paediatric burn calculators, now containing additional data fields, confirmation checks and incorporation of the new guidelines of Australian and New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA) for burn management.
  • Improved access, user experience, tagging and sorting of localised guidelines. The new version contains additional guidelines and allows offline user access of the app features.
  • Refined several calculators together with improvements to the time stamp/check list functions and much more.
  • Added a favourites section allowing fast access to your favourite guidelines, calculators, facilities etc.
  • Incorporated popup messages to notify users of any available app updates.


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User Video

The video below provides a walk-through of the app, highlighting the many features of the app.


The NSW Trauma App will ensure clinicians are supported in the care of the trauma patient and are able to manage to meet the needs of the specific traumatically injured patient. Clinicians in metropolitan, rural and remote areas require standardised, easy access to clinical support tools and up-to-date, evidence-based information to deliver optimal care. This includes the provision of trauma resources for pre-hospital and intra-hospital clinicians. All clinicians require portable and versatile amenity in trauma care that can be utilised on a smart phone or tablet operable in environments such as poor cellular or WiFi access locations.

This app is developed for all medical, nursing and allied health clinicians of NSW Health and NSW Ambulance working across the trauma continuum within the state.

The NSW Trauma App provides:

Localised guideline repository:

The Guideline repository has been provided from bodies within NSW Health including Ambulance Service of NSW (ASNSW), Local Health Districts and trauma services. The guidelines and information, sourced from public domains, are referenced and acknowledged within the app.

Specific burn injury resources:

The Institute of Trauma and Injury Management has worked with the NSW Burn Injury Network to provide Trauma resources specific to burns injuries including guidelines, checklists and additional resources

Interactive Burns Calculator:

The calculator enables automatic determination of the total body surface area (TBSA) of burn injury by allowing the user to mark the area of burn injury on a body chart. Additionally entering a weight, time since burn and fluid already administered allows automatic calculation of the fluid requirement for the first eight hours since the time of injury and the following 16 hours, expected urine output and maintenance fluids required

Detailed NSW health facility information:

Provides information such as site specific details, resource availability and contact information of more than 200 facilities. This enables onsite and remote clinicians to provide location specific advice, enabling the patient to receive timely treatment and progress through the trauma system, reducing unwarranted clinical variation.

Trauma related medical calculators, Interactive checklists and Clinical timestamps


Analysis Report: August 2015 - August 2016

Report Highlights:

  • 6,094 downloads since August 2015 from the iTunes and Google Play stores:
    • iOS (Apple) device 68% (↓ 5%*): 91% iPhone, 9% iPad
    • Android devices 32% (↑ 5%*): 90% phone, 10% Tablet
  • 4,180 registered users of the app: Nurses 46% (↓ 2%*), Doctors 31% (↑ 2%*) and Paramedics 16% (↓ 2%*) are the top three groups of professionals registered
  • 75% of users return to use the app 1-5 times per week, the app is used on average 29 times per day and by each user spending 3.5 minutes per use
  • 66% of surveyed users felt that using the app in the clinical setting had a positive impact on the patient and clinician relationship
  • 79% of surveyed users felt that using the app contributed to positive patient outcomes
  • The app was mostly used for medical calculations (65%) and clinical information regarding trauma care (44%)
  • 63% of users state that the app has improved their access to guidelines
  • The main restrictions reported for not using the app more regularly was the user’s local departmental policy on the use of mobile devices

* Results trend compared to findings from the Analysis Report: 21st August - 8th November 2015.

Analysis Report: 21st August - 8th November 2015

Report Highlights

  • 2,589 total downloads from the iTunes and Google Play stores
  • 73% iOS (Apple) device:  90% iPhone, 10% iPad
  • 27% Android devices: 90% phone, 10% Tablet
  • 1,991 registered users of the app: Nursing 46%, Doctors 29% and Paramedics (18%)   making up the top three groups of professions registered to use the app
  • Average of 11 daily uses of the app, and by average each user spent 5 minutes per day
  • 81% of surveyed users fell that using the app in the clinical setting has a positive   impact on the patient and clinician relationship
  • The app mostly used for medical calculations (65%) and clinical information regarding   trauma care (44%)
  • 84% of surveyed users have used the app to access guidelines, with 90% of users   stating that it has improved their access to guidelines
  • The main restriction to not using  the app   more regularly for ED staff was local department’s policy on use of mobile   devices

Benefits of the app relate to patients, clinicians and the trauma system through access to appropriate and timely evidence-cased trauma care, improved patient experience, easy access to clinical support tools and improved standardisation of care.

User evaluations show that the NSW Trauma App has resulted in improving access to user friendly trauma resources informing adult and paediatric care givers; including guidelines and facility information, educational material and updated evidence-based practice.

The NSW Trauma app is currently being adopted by the international trauma community with users downloading the app from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

If you have any  questions in regards to this innovation please do not hesitate in contacting Benjamin Hall on (02) 9464 4663 or benjamin.hall@health.nsw.gov.au.

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Terms and Conditions

By using this application, as updated from time to time by The Agency for Clinical Innovation (“ACI”), including any of the content or information it contains, you agree to the terms and conditions

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