Live Streaming and Education events

In response to clinician’s requests for post-event recordings of presentations and to improve access for clinicians to access Free Online Access Medical-education (FOAM), ITIM engaged with external video streaming experts who provided all the required equipment, data network and streaming service.

The trauma evenings, attended on average by over 150 pre hospital, medical, nursing and allied health trauma clinicians from NSW Health, are held around 20 times per year in a variety of locations.

In addition to live streaming of the event in real time, clinicians are able to access previously recorded events and presentations on the NSW ITIM website at their own convenience.
All live streaming and recordings are available in high definition on desktop computers, smart televisions, tablet computers and smart phones.

The analytic data below is for the first four pilot live streaming events and is correct as of 30th September 2015:

Gosford Hospital Trauma EveningWestmead Hospital Trauma EveningSt Vincent’s Hospital Trauma EveningSouth Eastern Sydney LHD Trauma Evening
863 total views (221 live views & 642 recorded views)554 total views (161 live views &  379 recorded views)330 total views (100 live views &  230 recorded views)228 total views (76 live views &  152 recorded views)
12,427 total minutes viewed,  with average duration 15 minutes19,053 total minutes viewed,  with average duration 36 minutes4497 total minutes viewed,  with average duration 14 minutes2,595 total minutes viewed, with average duration 13 minutes
94% from Australia90% from Australia85% from Australia94% from Australia
Viewing device: 68% desktop, 17% mobile, 15% tabletViewing device: 68% desktop, 22% mobile, 10% tabletViewing device: 68% desktop, 21% mobile, 11% tablet Viewing device: 61% desktop, 25% mobile, 14% tablet
ITIM plans to continue the live streaming of trauma educational events where possible.

For more information on future, current or previous events please go to

For more information on livestreaming or upcoming trauma education events please contact Glenn Sisson – Project Officer on
02 9464 4665


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