Rural CNC Advisory Group


The Rural CNC Advisory group was formed to provide a communication link between rural intensive care services and other Health agencies and promote safe and effective service delivery across rural Intensive Care Units in NSW .


  • To provide & promote representation from a rural intensive care perspective on NSW and federal committees
  • To evaluate outcomes at a local level and contribute to understanding of clinical services across the State from a rural perspective
  • To initiate, coordinate and deliver projects to address issues that are common to rural and/or metropolitan LHD’s through a shared understanding of the current work practice issues and gaps in relation to clinical and professional practice
  • To provide feedback to LHD’s around statewide Intensive Care projects, initiatives and evidence based practice
  • Fostering collaboration between rural and metropolitan intensive care services

Frequency of meetings

A minimum of six per year


Sherri-Leigh Bayliss CNC ICU Southern LHD.


  • ICU Transition to Practice evaluation
  • Support of ICU Service Model Implementation
  • Nursing Grand Rounds
  • Review of draft eMR iView critical care module

Membership as at 16/6/2016

Sherri-Leigh Bayliss CNC Intensive Care Southern NSW LHD
Karen Chronister CNC Intensive Care Hunter New England LHD
Kerry Ward Acting CNC Intensive Care Hunter New England LHD
Mark McLennan CNC Intensive Care Northern NSW LHD
Kerrie Martin CNC Intensive Care Northern NSW LHD
Kylie Pleming CNC Intensive Care Murrumbidgee LHD
Kimberley Flood CNC Critical Care Far West NSW LHD
Amy Parkinson Acting CNC Critical Care Far West NSW LHD
Melissa Johnston Acting CNC Critical Care Western NSW LHD
Antony Altea CNC Critical Care Mid North Coast LHD