Model of Care

Current co-chairs: Linda Williams and Dr John Sammut


  • To provide expert opinion and advice on any model of care or service changes that affect Intensive Care Service (ICS) by using a multidisciplinary group which has representation of both metropolitan and rural clinicians
  • To use the expert knowledge to provide advice to the Intensive Care Services Network ACI, on models of care
  • The group reviewed the current Level 3 and Level 4 ICS and developed a service model of care for Level 4
  • The group utilises its expertise to make consensus decisions on models of care

Priority Projects

The group’s major project has been the development of an ICS model for Level 4 in line with the revised NSW Role Delineation Document, which provides safe and quality care for patients close to their homes. The committee developed a service model for ICS for Level 4 Intensive Care Units in NSW by identifying minimum requirements to enable safe provision of patient care. Components include:  medical and nursing cover; clinical governance; processes and policy; education and credentialing of staff.

The model uses 6 domains to measure the unit’s performance and criteria to meet the standards of care. Sites use an evidence based self- assessment tool to review their services. The model has been developed to be used in any geographic area, and covers rural and metropolitan ICS.

This project is the principle project for the ACI implementation team and is currently being implemented in 9 sites in NSW. The group remains the expert clinical advisory committee for this current ACI ICS Model project being undertaken.

The group has been involved in revision of the Guide to the Role Delineation of Clinical Services (2016), which was released in February 2016.


Membership of this group is multidisciplinary covering Medical, Nursing and Allied Health staff from Metropolitan and Rural hospitals.

Future Projects

  • The model of care for close observation units
  • Potentially a model of care for other ICS levels provided in NSW