Intensive Care Services Network

The Intensive Care Services Network (ICSN) has been established under the umbrella of the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI).

The ICSN’s primary role is to support staff and organisation’s in the delivery of intensive care services through coordination, networking and research, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for patients across NSW.

The Intensive Care Coordination & Monitoring Unit supports the ICSN in this function.

Sean KellySean Kelly


The aims of the ICSN are to:

  • foster communication across all key stakeholders including NSW Health, expert groups, clinicians and consumers at a state, national and international level
  • promote evidence based care and disseminate this appropriately
  • support research and promote new innovative solutions to current and future challenges to intensive care including new models of care and system developments
  • provide a forum for the systematic analysis and assessment of information regarding the quality of care and outcome in NSW Intensive Care Units.

Roles and responsibilities

Provide strong leadership to interest groups and intensive care staff on the future direction of intensive care service provision in NSW. The Executive Committee is responsible for formulating, advising, progressing and delivering the ICSN remit and work plan. The role of the Executive Committee will be to:

  • support the ICSN/ICNSW to achieve objectives
  • provide the strategic direction of the network
  • set up working groups to undertake the work identified in the ICSN work plan, where necessary
  • ensure the work plan, research plan and annual reports are completed and signed-off
  • prioritise work activities and utility of allocated funds where required
  • provide reports for the ACI/CEC Board, Director General and NSW Health on the progress and achievements of the ICSN and ICNSW.


The Executive Committee will consist of the following representation, and two additional co-chairs:

  • co-chairs of ICSN working groups
  • co-chairs of the Critical Care Taskforce
  • co-chairs of the Rural Critical Care Taskforce
  • rural, regional and metropolitan representation
  • an ACI Executive representative
  • an ICNSW representative
  • other members co-opted by the co-chairs who hold specific skills, knowledge or experience and/or complement the needs of the Committee.

The term of membership will be for a 12-month period initially, with an option to extend for a further 12 months.