Care of Adult Patients in Acute Care Facilities with a Tracheostomy

The Care of Adult Patients in Acute Care Facilities with Tracheostomy – Clinical Practice Guideline has been developed to support local health districts and/or hospitals to develop local policies and practices that map to their specific patient population.

The recommendations apply to adult patients with a temporary or permanent tracheostomy tube who are inpatients in acute care facilities.

Establishing and Maintaining a Multidisciplinary Tracheostomy Team

In September 2015 ACI held a forum at Liverpool hospital to discuss how the tracheostomy multidisciplinary team ( MDT ) had evolved over the two years of guideline implementation. The forum was attended by 50 clinicians and broadcast via a streaming service. The forum was structured around two panel discussions:

  • Panel 1 – What does the MDT look like now
  • Panel 2 – Facilitators and barriers – ensuring the sustainability of the MDT.

Watch the discussion from the ACI Multidisciplinary tracheostomy team forum



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