Research - A How to Guide

Here are a few pointers to help you get your research going.

Healthy Scepticism

EP Monthly has a nice paper to get you started delving into a healthy scepticism, but the best sceptics are very knowledgeable don't stop here.

Critical Appraisal

Click here for a great site with a broad base of very straight forward information on critical appraisal, including the 10 questions to ask for each type of study.

The Delfini Group has produced a longish but very clear and simple to follow article on Critical Appraisal and they also dispel a number of myths here.

Knowledge to Action

The emerging and burgeoning science of knowledge to action (KTA) is discussed here.

A JAMA abstract is linked here, the full text can be accessed through your hospital systems. This is good paper in depth discussion on knowledge to action here.

UKCEM Research Section

The UK College of Emergency Medicine has a research page which is essentially a start to finish guide on doing and appraising research. Some is UK centric but most is great stuff, go here.


Meta-analysis, like everything, has it's risks and errors which can occur are discussed here.

Power Calculation

A very nice and almost simple discussion on power calculation here.

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