Global Airway Registry

The Airway Registry Project is now in phase 2.

Phase 1 was testing of our data gathering forms and data upload forms which are now finalised. During phase 1 many sites gathered data which we have compiled and are now putting into a dashboard so you can see how what your site is doing and compare that against the mean of other sites. More elaborate breakdowns and comparisons will be available in time and during phase 2.

Within NSW we are doing a more formal observational study to look at practice of airway management in our (NSW) EDs.

Phase 2 is essentially all data gathered using the latest form downloadable from this page below. A project officer from the ECI is commencing their postion in January 2014 and will enhance further roll out of the project.

It is being led by Dr. Toby Fogg and Dr. John Vassiliadis from Royal North Shore Hospital ED as a collaborative research venture with EDs across Australasia (and worldwide eventually) and the ECI.

The primary objectives are:

  • To provide each participating department with the data that they will require for audit of their practice, with the hope that departments will highlight areas of potential process improvement and then enact change.
  • Pooled data will be used for a descriptive study of the practice of intubation in Australasian EDs, with particular emphasis on the indication, staff seniority, techniques (e.g. induction drugs or type of laryngoscope), number of attempts at laryngoscopy required and the rate of complications. The project will compare tertiary, urban district and regional EDs, as well as FACEM/Registrar/CMOs (or equivalent), with regard to the above( and many more) metrics.

Enrollment of sites across NSW for the Project Study is currently happening. For further information, or if you have any queries, please contact Global Airway Registry.

Presentation: Research Updates: Airway and Physiotherapy Multi-centre Projects, Dr Hatem Alkhouri at the ECI ED Leadership Forum 13 March 2015

NSW Observational Study Sites

If you are involved or wish to be part of the NSW observational study please go HERE.

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