Press Releases

Press releases relating to emergency care in NSW from the Minister for Health, NSW Health and Commonwealth Department of Health and ageing.

Exceptional nurses and midwives honoured

Minister of Health Media Release

9 September 2015

Making it Happen - NSW State Priorities

NSW Government - Premier Mike Baird

September 2015

NSW says protects against mosquitos after huge jump in Ross River detection

NSW Health Media Release

18 March 2015

Reducing ambulance turnaround time in hospitals

Audit Office of New South Wales

24 July 2013

We're getting ready for winter - are you?

Ministerial Media Release

7 April 2013

Health Alert on enterovirus

NSW Health Media Release

27 March 2013

$2 million for Prince of Wales Hospital Emergency Department

Ministerial Media Release

11 March 2013

Upgrade complete at Ivanhoe Emergency Department

Ministerial Media Release

6 February 2013

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