Emergency - Real Stories from Australia's ED Doctors

Published by Penguin Australia in collaboration with the ACEM, EMERGENCY: Real Stories from Australia’s ED Doctors is a collection of stories written by FACEMs and edited by Simon Judkins.
This book was launched on 24 June 2015, and as part of the promotional activities ACEM has created a microsite - Real ED StoriesThe primary aim of the site is to promote the book, and ACEM have been publishing some videos of authors re-telling their stories. The long term goal with the site however is to open it up beyond the book, and begin to include other stories - in video, audio or written form. 
ACEM are currently collecting a series of doctors telling their stories to camera. These will then be collated online and hopefully create a collection of stories that can become an enduring resource. Some examples can be found here:
If you have any other stories you would like to contribute, ACEM are on the lookout for written submissions which can be made here.

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