User manuals for equipment

How to find the user manual for common ED equipment.

Recommended standard equipment for Emergency Departments

This table is a recommendation for Emergency Departments (EDs) establishing equipment requirements. It was originally developed by NSW Health in 2009 and has been revised by the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Emergency Care Institute NSW in 2012. The table has been split into NSW ED Role delineation Level 3/4 EDs and Level 5/6 EDs and has been developed with the assumption there will be exceptions to what is contained on this table. Click on the link below to access full information.

Quick reference guides

The following quick reference guides have been developed by the ECI or locally sourced for key pieces of equipment commonly found in Emergency Departments and are intended to help staff if they need to look up or reference the functionality of equipment. They are for informational purposes and do not replace training and education in the use of the equipment.

Where a summary guide is provided, this should be used in conjunction with the manaufacturer's manual where possible. Senior clinician advice should also be sought where available.


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