Here are a number of useful links to help you manage eye problems in the Emergency Department (ED), but first the basics.

The Basics

The vital sign for the eye is the measurement of visual acuity (VA). Just as you would measure pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and O2 saturations for a resuscitation or neurovascular integrity of a limb you must do the VA at the outset. VA measurement must be taken before you do anything or apply anything to the eye.

For information on Eye Trauma - Chemical Burns click here.

Useful Links

Snellen Chart

Snellen charts are available in all EDs, in many forms, but here is a nice Snellen chart to use from your computer screen right away and this has options for children (use at 6 metres). They are also available for your phone with the iphone available here (free) or other types of phones available here.

Eye Emergency Manual

The Eye Emergency Manual is a quick guide for most ED presentations and is easy to navigate.

The Eye Manual is now available on App for Android and iOS.

Eye Anatomy

Great link for eye anatomy available at emergencymedicineireland.com.

Resource for diagnosing eye problems

The Centre for Eye Research(CERA) is pleased to lauch a free online diagnostic tool for clinicians who encouter ophthalmic emergencies


Ophthobook is a a vast resource on eyes and is easy to view.

Slitlamp Eye Examinations

A guide to the slitlamp is embedded below and Ophthobook also has a useful video on doing a slitlamp eye examination.

Root Eye Network - video

Corneal laceration that's seidal positive.

Further references and resources

Relevant patient factsheets

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