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Emergency Treatment Performance (ETP) Guidance

Quality Resources

The ECI has listed a variety of resources under the following sections that may be of use when ensuring quality remains a key focus of any initiatives or strategies to address ETP and NEAT:

Emergency Care Institute, published November 2013

Reports and Literature

ACI Emergency Care Institute 2013 Stakeholder Survey: Findings of Interest to the NSW Health Whole of Hospital Program Survey

Western Australia: Emergency Access Flow Report

Prof Derek Bell, published September 2013

Western Australia: Day of Care Surveys

Prof Derek Bell, published September 2013

Over-census Strategies

A page developed by the ECI which presents information on over-census strategies along with evidence and papers which may help you engage your hospital in the problems of overcrowding in the ED.

Where do NEAT and patient safety meet?

Dr Sally McCarthy, Medical Director, ECI, May 2013

Brandon Carrus, Stephen Corbett and Deepak Khandelwal, McKinsey, January 2010

Conference Presentations

Access Block Solutions Summit

Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, September 2008

Links to videos of the speakers invovled in this summit on access block.

NEAT: If, when and why it works well

Allan Cumming, General Manager, Southern District Health Board, New Zealand

A talk by Allan Cumming at the ECI Symposium 2012 detailing what works well in achieving NEAT. There is a particular focus on the role of the hospital executive and senior manamgement in leadership and management of timely patient flow.

National Emergency Access Target

Dr Sally McCarthy, Medical Director, ECI, March 2012

Implementation of the Four Hour Program at Royal Perth Hospital

Prof Frank Daly, Executive Director, Royal Perth Group, 2012

Four Hour Rule Program Progress and Issues review in Western Australia

Prof Brian Stokes AM, December 2011

Association between reduced overcrowding and decreased mortality for emergency patients following the introduction of the four hour rule in Western Australia

Dr Gary Geelhoed, Director Emergency Department, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children

Demand at the ED front door: Is the 4 hour target the answer?

Judy Lowthian, Doctoral Scholar, Monash University

The great thing about being NEAT

Dr Mark Monaghan, Fremantle Hospital and Western Australia Statewide Rour Hour Rule Clinical Lead

Emergency Physician and Co-Director Fremantle Emergency Department

Member of Expert Panel advising on Emergency Access and Elective Surgery Targets

Increases in patient attendances since the introduction of the Four Hour Rule

  • Dr Yusuf Nagree, Fremantle Hospital and Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine, Western Australia Institute of Medical Research, University of Western Australia

  • Low acuity patients do not significantly contribute to ED workload

    Dr Yusuf Nagree, Fremantle Hospital and Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine, Western Australia Institute of Medical Research, University of Western Australia

    Growth in Australian ED demand 2004 to 2011

    A/Prof Drew Richardson, Australian National University

    2011 Australian access block point prevalence survey

    A/Prof Drew Richardson, Australian National University

    Clinical process redesign for unplanned arrivals in hospitals

    Tony J O’Connell, Jane E Bassham, Rod O Bishop, Christopher W Clarke, Carolyn J Hullick, Diane L King, Carmel L Peek, Raj Verma, David I Ben-Tovim and Katherine M McGrath Medical Journal of Australia 2008; 188 (6): 18

    Update on Overcapacity Protocols

    A/Prof Drew Richardson, Australian National University

    Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre

    This is an informative and useful website providing resources related to both Emergency Departments and the wider health system in New Zealand:-

    • an extensive library of literature
    • access to improvement projects, tools and initiatives
    • the latest news and innovations

    Click here for the ED shorter stay projects.

    Shorter stays in ED Health Target, 2009 to November 2011

    New Zealand Ministry of Health

    Hospital Full - Alert Cascade

    Auckland District Health Board

    Emergency Department Overload Plan

    Christchurch Hospital, April 2009

    Improving acute patient and resolving emergency department overcrowding in New Zealand hospitals—the major challenges and the promising initiatives

    Mike Ardagh, Gary Tonkin, Clare Possenniskie, New Zealand Medical Journal, 14 October 2011, Vol 124 No 1344

    Auckland DHB Emergency Department Performance Summary January - June 2011

    Tim Parke, Margaret Dotchin, John McTaggart and Tim Denison, July 2011

    Emergency Care Checklist

    Improving A&E performance, NHS England, May 2013

    This checklist has been taken from the NHS England: Improving A&E performance support plan launched to help hospital and A&E departments keep waiting times in check.

    Towards faster treatment: reducing attendance and waits at emergency departments

    Department of Health, UK, October 2005

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