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Emergency Department Models of Care

The NSW Ministry of Health together with the Emergency Care Institute have reviewed Emergency Models of Care (MoC) in operation across NSW. There is now a new 2012 Emergency Department Models of Care document which replaces the 2006 Models of Emergency Care document as well as an ED Senior Assessment and Streaming Model of Care document released. These documents detail MoC

  • within the ED
  • outside the ED
  • within the community setting

Self assessment checklists have also been produced which should be looked at in conjunction with the main MoC document.

Why did we review the MoC?

  • The existing ED models have evolved and been refined with implementation

  • Significant variation of ED MoC exists in NSW

  • New ED models have emerged

  • A self assessment checklist for each MoC may assist EDs to assess their effectiveness and provide actions for improvement

Please click here for further information on why and how this review was undertaken.

Emergency Department Short Stay Units, NSW Health, PD2014_040

This policy outlines the mandatory requirements for the use of Emergency Department Short Stay Units (EDSSUs) in NSW hospitals. EDSSUs are Inpatient Units, managed by Emergency Department staff, designated and designed for the short term (generally up to 24 hours) treatment, observation, assessment and reassessment of patients initially triaged and assessed in the Emergency Department.

Further infomation

For more information please contact the ECI team.

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