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Blood and Marrow Transplant Network

Working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for patients accessing Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) services across NSW.

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  • Maintains the centralised quality management service and adapts to changes in national and international standards and work practices.
  • To develop a  model of care and standard guidelines for the management of long term follow-up care for allogeneic BMT patients to ensure optimal post-transplant care for all patients especially those in rural NSW. Follow-up for these adult and paediatric patients is life-long.
  • To develop and implement a seamless transition service for paediatric BMT patients into the adult BMT service.
  • To support an annual statewide audit of environmental cleaning standards.
  • To support the continued education and professional development of the BMT nursing and apheresis staff and other health professionals.


The NSW Blood and Marrow Transplant Network has made significant achievements in the areas of clinician support, education, research and policy setting. Among the achievements are:

  • A Model of Care for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
  • A statewide improvement project to enhance environmental cleaning practice and standards.
  • Deployment of common documentation across all transplant units.
  • A comprehensive audit program.
  • Non conformance management and identifying opportunities for ???
  • Establishment of a centralised state-wide Quality Management System for BMT laboratories, apheresis and clinical units.
  • A statewide web-cast education strategy for senior nurses and advanced trainees.
  • An annual symposium for senior medical, nursing, allied health and, scientific staff.
  • A short education course in paediatric nursing.
  • A short education course as an Introduction to Adult BMT Nursing.
  • Annual education forums for junior and senior nurses.
  • Multi-centre research strategies.
  • Patient information books published on allogeneic and autologous transplants, as well as a paediatric specific patient handbook.
  • Expert infectious diseases advice provided to BMT units in NSW .
  • Long Term Follow Up project has produced clinical guidelines for implementation.
  • Multi-centre validation of practices.
  • A collaborative culture between BMT programs statewide.
  • Capacity Tracker identifies activity level across BMT programs.