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Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network

Working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare by addressing and promoting practice improvement across a multidisciplinary network.

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  • To support the delivery of effective patient care.
  • To be driven by patient, family and carer experiences.
  • To address equity of access and outcome issues and determine priority areas for anaesthesia and perioperative services across NSW, in collaboration with Local Health Districts.
  • Implementation of the Minimum Standards for Safe Procedural Sedation.
  • Advising on key perioperative principles to support the patient and carer throughout the whole surgical and/or procedural journey.
  • Advising NSW Health on minimum requirements for safe sedation.
  • Supporting standardisation of competencies for the anaesthetic assistant.

The Network is also exploring possible initiatives relating to green and sustainable operating theatres, extended recovery models of care and supporting the safe removal of central lines.


Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network


Sarah-Jane Waller
Anaesthesia & Perioperative Care A/Network Manager

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