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Continuous Capability Building

Working with healthcare providers to build capability in redesign, project management and change management through the Centre for Healthcare Redesign.

The Centre for Healthcare Redesign (CHR) is implementing a state-wide capability development program to provide frontline staff with the knowledge and skills to improve access to care and improve patient experiences.

Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Specialty Health Networks (SNs) receive greater than 50% of Redesign funding to support the employment of Senior Redesign and Innovation Leaders to build capability at the local level, and includes funds to support local redesign activities.

The CHR offers a range of formal and informal capability development programs to support service improvement. They include:

CHR Graduate Certificate Program

An intensive and comprehensive program supporting frontline staff to undertake projects of strategic importance, and develop capability in Project Management, Redesign and Change Management. The program uses a mixed methodology approach of eLearning, face to face workshops and workplace coaching.

Redesign Training Program (RTP)

A 5 day training program which builds foundational skills in project management, redesign and change management. An annual Surgery RTP provides an opportunity for local health service teams to undertake projects to improve surgical services.

Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) – a 2 day program which introduces staff to a set of principles and tools to implement a change successfully. This methodology is included within the two programs outlined above.


A comprehensive eLearning program covering the core knowledge for the Redesign Diploma Program is available for all NSW Health to access free of charge.

Coaching Panel

ACI in partnership with the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) and the Ministry of Health Whole of Hospital program is currently testing the implementation of a Coaching Panel to build skills in change management.