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Submit your small and large scale innovations and improvements to share to benefit with the broader health system.

You can use the Contribution Toolkit to assist, and/or download the Initiative Summary template.

You must have approval before submitting the project to the Innovation Exchange

Please enter your contact details:

Please enter details about the project:

What is the name of the project or initiative?
A short summary that describes the initiative (think about how you would explain it to someone you met for the first time in a sentence or two).
What is the overarching aim or goal of the initiative?
What are the benefits for patients, the health system and/or staff?
Local Health District, Specialty Health Network, Pillar, other organisation?
The project has been implemented, is sustained in standard business.
The initiative is ready for implementation, is currently being implemented, piloted or tested.
Planning for the initiative is well underway. Clinician/Consumer consultation has occurred.
Future initiative
These include those that are in the operational plan and/or an active work project.
What led to this initiative? Explain the nature or extent of the issue. What was the evidence or reason that prompted the need for change?
What type of project is this? Is it an Innovation Award, a local Award, a CHR or CLP project? A Rural Health Innovation
TIP: It May be more than one type.

Contact Details

Who is the lead contact for the initiative? Please include Name, Position, phone number and email.

use my details added in section 1

Optional Deatils

Activities / resources developed and rolled out as part of the initiative. What did you do or change to address the problem?
How is the initiative being evaluated? What are the outcomes? What results have been achieved to date?
What did you learn? Were there challenges in solving the problem, or implementing the change, or things you would do differently next time? Any ‘Aha’ or ‘Oh no!’ moments?
Please consider NGO’s, community organisations and Health Pillars or programs that have assisted in the project such as Centre for Healthcare Redesign, Clinical Leadership Program.
Where has this initiative been implemented? Details of Hospitals, GP Clinics, Community Centres, LHDs/ health care providers implementing the initiative.
What references did you use to base your innovation on? This could be references/links to webpages, documents that contain resources for the initiative, published journal articles. Is there another organisation you need to acknowledge – which provided you with ideas / solutions?
What key words and search terms would you use if you were looking for information on your project?
Upload any images or associated files. If you have multiple files please convert to a .zip file.
Allowed file types: zip, doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
File must be less than 5MB.

The required local approval within my organisation has been provided to publish this content/initiative on the Innovation Exchange.

Please provide the details below of the most senior approver, and keep a copy of approval for your records.

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