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Campbelltown Hospital Aboriginal Workforce Program

Campbelltown Hospital
Project Added:
17 August 2010
Last updated:
7 October 2014

Campbelltown Hospital Aboriginal Workforce Program

Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWAHS)


Campbelltown Hospital has significantly increased the representation and retention of Aboriginal employees across the Hospital's services which has led to it's recognition as an employer of first choice with many local Aboriginal people.

A key aspect of delivering quality health services is a workforce which is skilled and which reflects the local population. As at July 2010, Campbelltown Hospital employs 29 Aboriginal people, representing 2% of its workforce; and is well on the way to reflecting the 2.7% local Aboriginal population representation.


In developing the program, Campbelltown Hospital worked closely with the SSWAHS Centre for Education and Workforce Development to create a strategic approach which would substantially increase Aboriginal employee representation by:

  • identifying multiple entry points in career streams identified by local Aboriginal people as of interest and which provided for the lower levels of educational attainment experienced by many local Aboriginal people
  • strategically positioning Aboriginal employees across the Hospital's services and programs to ensure effective service access and delivery for Aboriginal people
  • aiming to lift the retention rate of Aboriginal employees
  • assisting Aboriginal employees in building careers in health

The main components of the program have been:

  • creating a Sydney South West Area Health Service Aboriginal Workforce Plan
  • building an Aboriginal employment website
  • streamlining the recruitment process to facilitate increased numbers of Aboriginal job candidates
  • establishing partnerships with professional Aboriginal employment providers to maximise the number of quality job candidates who were appropriately prepared for work in the health sector
  • establishing a structured career coaching and mentoring program which provided Aboriginal employees with culturally capable career support and assistance

A partnership with Yarn'n Aboriginal Employment Services provided Aboriginal recruits with pre employment information and assistance, personal skills training, weekly career coaching and mentoring and structured academic assistance (for those undertaking traineeships).

Managers/supervisors of Aboriginal employees are also provided with assistance in good practices in supervising and developing the potential of Aboriginal employees.


  • 29 Aboriginal people are employed at Campbelltown Hospital, representing 2% of all staff
  • Aboriginal employee retention has increased from 47% to 85%
  • Aboriginal people are working in a variety of career streams across the Hospital as well as in direct service delivery roles – examples include information services, administration, Clinical Support Officer, security and patient support
  • Aboriginal employees are developing their careers with a number of staff employed in traineeships being appointed to full time permanent positions
  • Aboriginal career information sessions have attracted substantial numbers of local Aboriginal job seekers


Director, Workforce Planning and Development
Sydney South West Area Health Service
Phone: 02 9828 5994

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