NSW Trauma Outcomes Registry and Quality Evaluation

The NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management (ITIM), together with other healthcare, university and government organisations, is going to establish a new health database called the NSW Trauma Outcomes Registry and Quality Evaluation (TORQUE).

TORQUE will contain information about patients who have had a severe injury (such as from a fall or a car accident) and were treated in a trauma hospital in NSW. The information will be collected partly from the patient’s hospital record and also by making telephone calls to patients after they are discharged. All patient information will be stored in a confidential and secure manner.

TORQUE will help trauma hospitals to monitor the quality of care they provide. In addition, valuable information will be obtained regarding the health and well-being of patients after they are discharged from hospitals. It will then be possible to identify areas of trauma care that could be improved for future patients with severe trauma in NSW. It is expected that is will take three years to design and build the TORQUE database.

For more information on this project please see the framework document below.


TORQUE framework document (Oct 2017)


For more information please contact:

Pooria Sarrami
Research Fellow
+61 2 9464 4679


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