NSW Trauma Infographics

As an additional resource in increasing the awareness around traumatic injuries, the NSW ITIM has created the following infographics aimed at patients, family, carers and clinicians.

Road Safety infographic

Produced in 2015 - The Road Safety infographic was developed to demonstrated the burden of road trauma in NSW.

The Infographic highlights the 17,338 hospital admission from road trauma that:

  • 11,330 Males
  • 6,007 Females
  • 48% were from Car accidents
  • 23% Motorbike accidents
  • 17% Pedal cycle accidents
  • 8% Pedestrians accidents
  • 100 patients died

Falls Resulting in Major Trauma

Produced in 2016 the Falls Resulting in Major Trauma was in response to the increasing number of patients sustain serious to severe injuries from falls in NSW.

The infographic highlights between 2010 and 2014, 7,252 Falls accounted for:

  • 40% of all major trauma patients
  • 55% of all major trauma deaths
  • 72% of major trauma in patients aged over 64 years
  • 71% of falls result in serious to severe injuries
  • 58% of major trauma falls are from less 1 meter that carries 19% mortality rate


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