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NSW ITIM conducts a number of projects to address issues identified by our trauma community and other stakeholders. Below is a outline of our current projects.

NSW Trauma Outcomes Registry and Quality Evaluation (TORQUE)

The NSW Trauma Outcomes Registry and Quality Evaluation (TORQUE) database aims to implement a secure state-wide trauma treatment and clinical quality outcomes registry to support trauma services and monitor quality of trauma care in NSW. The registry will provide valuable information regarding outcomes and quality of care delivered to severely injured patients, their health and well-being in the community after discharge from hospital. The over-riding aim is to provide data that will enable targeted quality improvement interventions within the trauma system to reduce the heavy burden of severe injury in NSW.

Current status: Planning

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Trauma Patient Outcome Review

The objective of this project is central to the Agency for Clinical Innovation’s (ACI) core values and purpose as the leader in the health system for designing, evaluating and supporting implementation of innovative models of patient care, with a view to facilitate quality health care with effective use of resources where the outcomes exceed the expectations of our partner, patients and community.

Current status: Phase 2 completed.

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NSW Trauma App

NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management (ITIM) has developed a clinical support tool, known as NSW Trauma App, that provide's a 'one stop' resource to assist clinicians in caring for the traumatically injured patients from the initial resuscitation to stabilisation and transfer to a regional or major trauma service with the aim in reducing unwarranted clinical variation with assistance of up to date, evidence based information to deliver optimal care to trauma patients.

Current status: download now from the iTunes and Google Play App stores.

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Trauma e-Learning Modules

NSW ITIM is proposing the development, implementation and utilisation of virtual learning and clinical support environments to work in conjunction with the ITIM website and ACI Moodle site to provide streamlined access to all trauma clinicians in NSW, irrespective of location and profession that will aid in care of traumatically injured patients. The e-Learning program will be developed with the goal of the modules being hosted on the HETI Online site when suitable.

Current status: 2 modules developed and are being reviewed.

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Trauma Team Notification System

This project will provide a solution in improving notification systems for Regional Trauma Services (RTS) or Major Trauma Services (MTS), allowing for improved trauma patient outcomes with the early inclusion and notification of a traumatically injured patient arrival in the emergency department. This has been shown to decrease mortality and length of stay.

Current status: This project has completed the diagnostic phase with a statewide solution being considered.

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Live Streaming of education events

In response to clinician’s requests for post-event recordings of presentations and to improve access for clinicians to access Free Online Access Medical-education (FOAM), ITIM provides live streaming and recordings of trauma evenings, readily available in high definition on desktop computers, smart televisions, tablet computers and smart phones through the ITIM events webpage.

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Injury Prevention Programs

ITIM partners with multiple injury prevention programs including:

  • bstreetsmart provides students who are most at risk, a realistic look at the trauma caused by road crashes and gives them information and strategies in an attempt to reduce serious injuries and deaths.
  • The P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program is a one day program which allows students to see first-hand the consequences of risk- taking behaviors in everyday life.

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Ladder safety

ITIM is collaborating with Monash University in a project to reduce the burden of injury of falls from ladders. This project includes an evaluation and report on the current ladder injuries in NSW, identification of current injury prevention programs related to ladders, development of a website dedicated to ladder safety and a community awareness program.

Current status: Evaluation and report completed, website developed.

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Trauma Infographics

As an additional resource in increasing the awareness around traumatic injuries, the NSW ITIM has created the infographics aimed at patients, family, carers and clinicians.

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