Purpose and objectives

The overall aim of the Care of Confused Hospitalised Older Persons (CHOPs) program is to improve the experiences and outcomes of confused older people in hospital. It is a collaboration between the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the NHMRC Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC).

The specific objectives of CHOPs are to:

  • design and prioritise principles for best practice care for older confused people in hospital
  • tailor implementation to the needs of the older person, carers and families and the hospital teams
  • share achievements, innovation and knowledge and embed systems into practice to sustain and spread improvements in the care of older confused people in hospital.

The CHOPs logo

The CHOPs logo has been developed to symbolise both the confusion of the older person in hospital and the care needed to support them.

The logo was shaped out of question marks arranged together to form a brain which symbolises the confusion faced. The question marks also work together to form a heart, a symbol of the love, hope and care that is achievable in these situations. The heart is supported because this care only comes about with the commitment and contribution of many people.

We have used the shades of orange because they promote a sense of warmth, happiness, caring and safety. The colours used are also associated with autumn, a season of beauty but also of decline.

ACI logo Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre