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Building Local Capability to Improve Care

Building Local Capability to Improve Care

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) is leading the way in developing the capability of frontline staff in local health facilities, with 27 healthcare staff today graduating to receive a diploma of project management and a diploma of government from the Centre for Healthcare Redesign (CHR).

The ACI runs the CHR School, which offers three 20 week programs for managers and clinicians working in the NSW health system. The program is teamed with workplace coaching to support frontline staff  to identify and deliver faster, better ways to care for patients.

Chief Executive of the Agency for Clinical Innovation, Dr Nigel Lyons congratulated graduates for their commitment and contribution to improving health services in NSW.

“We need to continually look at innovative ways of improving patient care. CHR Graduates have been equipped with important project and change management skills that are critical for the ongoing reform of healthcare delivery in NSW,” Dr Lyons said.

The ACI commits over $300,000 annually to run the program. Healthcare staff taking part in the course identify real issues impacting on patient’s experience within the health system and develop the necessary change management and implementation skills to ensure sustainable changes to work processes are undertaken to improve the overall experience of patient care.

For more information on the CHR Graduate Certificate Program visit the ACI webpage at