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ACI report examining the impact of its clinical networks

ACI report examining the impact of its clinical networks

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) has released a report examining the impact of its clinical networks.

In 2008, the then Greater Metropolitan Clinical taskforce (now Agency for Clinical Innovation) entered into a research partnership with the Sax Institute to investigate the operational features, membership and quality improvement activities of 19 ACI clinical networks through the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation: What have the clinical networks achieved and who has been involved? 2006-2008 report.

The report found that the networks have attracted large numbers of healthcare workers from a range of professions, with the existing network structure providing a functioning platform that can be harnessed to embed evidence based care in NSW.

The report also found that embedding research within the operations of the Agency represents an opportunity to contribute to international understanding about the factors that optimise health service delivery through clinical networks, as well as to support the operations of the clinical networks in NSW.

The next phase of the project Determinants of successful clinical networks: the conceptual framework and study protocol is underway. The study takes advantage of a unique opportunity provided by the ACI’s model of clinical networks to investigate the factors that contribute to the success of clinical networks.