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Pleural Drains in Adults: A Consensus Guideline

The Pleural Drains in Adults - A Consensus Guideline has been developed with the aim to improve the care provided to adult patients with a pleural drain in NSW acute hospital facilities. The recommendations contained within this document may also be suitable for older adolescents requiring pleural drain insertion.

The guideline describes aspects of clinical care, clinician skills and processes within a facility that if followed will reduce the risks associated with the insertion of pleural drains (non-emergency), ongoing management, trouble shooting and removal of pleural drains in adult patients.

This video is also divided into seven sections, available on the following pages:

Part Topic Page
1 Equipment set up Equipment required for pleural drain insertion
2 Patient positioning and observations Position the patient
3 Locating an appropriate insertion site Confirm the site for drain insertion
4 Pre-insertion risk assessment and Time Out Skilled Operators
5 Insertion of a pleural drain by the Seldinger technique Seldinger technique
6 Suture and samples Seldinger technique
7 Dressing Secure the drain and connections

For more information, questions or comments about the Guideline, please contact:

Cecily Barrack,
Manager, Respiratory Network.
Phone: +61 2 9464 4625

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